The future of mobile is incremental innovation with a transformational impact.

The future is mobile, it has been for a while and will be even more so in the years to come. Anything you could do on a PC, you can now do on a mobile phone. Well, almost anything. There are thousands of apps being launched every day, most of them competing in and around the same space as the other.
Where’s the differentiator though? We believe it is disruptive thinking. We’ve formulated a 6 step process to create phenomenal apps for iOS and Android.


What is the purpose of the mobile application? What does it achieve and how do you want to achieve it? Is it a game-changer in its segment? Or is it quite similar to a competitor with a difference in price? Ask as many questions as possible till the definition of the app is clear as daylight.


Once the purpose of the app is defined, it’s time to put together a basic concept. It begins with developing a simple workflow and once you believe that it is on par with your vision, say hello to our designers and developers. They’ll work closely with you to put together a wireframe so that they can flag potential hurdles and find solutions sooner rather than later.

Competitor Analysis

This is a process that runs parallel to conceptualization. At this stage we would have a visual representation of what the app might look like. And through critical competitor analysis there will be valuable lessons to be learnt here. We can gauge the design, product value and other features, and then work on the parameters to create a product that surpasses the competitors.

Technical Specifications

Now that the app is close to a tipping point, we get a clear picture of what platforms and structures are ideal. Whether it is static or dynamic, we’ll tell you what’s ideal for your application and business based on how users will interact with it.

Beta version and Testing

The tipping point of every app. This is the first look and feel of your brainchild before it’s launched. The beta version is the first draft of the app, design and functionality wise. The design is very close to the final version however, the most important aspect of this is functionality. It is easier to get extensive feedback on the functions rather than just tunnel visioning on the mobile game or app design. Based on the feedback, there are either tweaks to the app or it’s back to the wireframe board.


Finally! We’re all clear for takeoff. The app is meticulously tested for any bugs or glitches. We carefully lay out the distribution and sales channels, and then ensure that it has a perfect web analytics tracking to record and assess your success merit.

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